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CPR, AED, and First Aid

CPR and AED refer to techniques that are provided to victims of a heart attack. In CPR classes online, students are taught how to perform CPR by pressing the chest of a person. Chest compressions prevent the victim’s body organs from dying. Timely performance of CPR greatly reduces the risk of brain damage.


OSHA 10-hour

OSHA 10-hour training is the primary method used to train workers on hazard recognition and OSHA safety standards. Our training is 100% online and covers specific OSHA regulations and requirements as they apply to the construction industry. OSHA training is necessary for a safe and healthy work environment.


OSHA 30-hour

The OSHA 30-hour Construction Industry Outreach Training course is a comprehensive safety program designed for anyone involved in the construction industry. Specifically devised for safety directors, foremen, and field supervisors; the program provides complete information on OSHA compliance issues.


COVID-19 Compliance Officer

Participants will receive a course completion certificate attesting to the content that was provided.

You will receive a link to valuable resources, including example screening surveys, on-set posters, and more.

You will be given the opportunity to list your name in a database of people who have completed this class. This list will be hosted on our website.

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Workplace Violence Awareness

Occusafe Network’s Workplace Violence awareness video facilitates recognition, response, and recovery for supervisors and employees when preparing and training to deal with workplace violence and to help maintain an overall safe workplace. Preventing workplace violence may be impossible but being ready is not.

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Effective Conflict Management

This course covers what to do when faced with conflict and how to utilize effective conflict resolution skills. We will discuss understanding conflict, good vs bad conflict, resolution techniques, and strategies to manage and protect yourself and others during potential hostile situations.

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